Kyle J. Maxwell-Doherty

Freelance Percussionist and Musician in Durham NC

Educational Services 

Private Lessons:

     Private lessons are available in Kyle’s home studio. Lessons are available in either 30 minute or 60 minute time slots. Lessons can focus on a wide variety of instruments, concepts, and styles. From drumset, melodic percussion instruments, orchestra repertoire or world musics, students can experience music and percussion of all kinds. Contact Kyle today about scheduling your first lesson for free!


World Music:

West African Hand Drumming:

     This session will focus on the techniques and rhythms originating from the Ewe, Dagara, and Ga peoples from Ghana. The Djembe, Kpanlogo drum, Brekete, and Talking Drum will be utilized extensively throughout the clinic. This session is highly flexible and can be offered to the elementary student all the way up to the college conservatory student. Not exclusively a session designed for percussionists, this session also has the opportunity to incorporate traditional dancing into the drumming if time permits.

Traditional Gyil Performance:

     The modern day xylophone and marimbas percussionists now perform on stem from the Ghanaian Gyil. This 14 bar balafon has a special place within the traditions of Ghanaian culture as it is the instrument responsible for all of the music performed at celebrations and funerals. Wrapped with Goat leather, and resonating with hollowed out calabash gourds, this instrument is an experience like none other. This session is designed for the percussionist or college level music student and will feature the techniques of the instrument as well as the heritage and traditional music of the instrument.

Ragtime Improvisation:

Essential Elements for Ragtime Improvisation:

     This session features the novelty ragtime music from the early part of the 20th century, specifically the music of George Hamilton Green. The session is designed as a workshop for students to actively participate throughout the clinic. By providing repetitive and simple improvisatory patterns for the student to master, the student will gain the facility and tools to begin improvisation on any xylophone rag.  Felix Ardnt’s Nola or Green's Jovial Jasper will be the featured compositions during the duration of the clinic.

Snare Drum:

Increasing your Sight Reading Success

     One of the struggles for most all musicians and percussionist is the ability to fluently sight read.  This session is flexible and can be adapted for the high school student or the collegiate level student.  Simple methods which students can incorporate into their practice sessions will help guide and facilitate this session.  Its a little fun and games, and its a little mental stamina.


Introduction to Broadway Percussion Performance:

     This clinic introduces the percussionist to the oddities and unique aspects to performing in a broadway pit. From awkward stickings, to moving between instruments, this clinic exposes the students to a variety of tricks and tips which assist the percussionist. Selections from 3-4 different broadway musicals will be performed throughout the clinic.